Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger Review: Worth It?

We recently took the Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh with us on a camping trip and were pleasantly surprised by its performance. This compact power bank really shines when it comes to keeping devices charged during extended outdoor adventures. Its four large solar panels efficiently harness sunlight, so we didn’t have to worry about our phones or tablets running out of power.

Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor USB C Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, 3A Fast Charge External Battery Pack with 3 USB Outputs Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, etc.
  • 25000mAh High Capacity: The solar power bank charges up 6-8 times for a cell phone and 2.5 times for a tablet, great for a week-long trip.
  • Large Solar Panels: This solar charger comes with 4 high-performance solar panels that can reach 6W in direct sunlight to keep your phone up and running even in places without electricity.
  • Fast Charging: With the upgraded 15W output, the portable solar charger can fast charge an iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes. One USB C port and dual USB A ports achieve the simultaneous charging for three devices.

Hiluckey Solar Charger

We appreciated the fast charging capability, which quickly powered up our iPhone. The three USB ports allowed us to simultaneously charge multiple devices, which proved convenient. Though it does take around 8 hours to fully recharge the power bank itself, the minimal effort involved in hanging it on a backpack for sunlight charging more than makes up for it.

Bottom Line

For outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, the Hiluckey Solar Charger provides a reliable solution for keeping devices charged. Its high capacity, quick charging, and portability make it a solid investment.

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Overview of Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh

We recently tested the Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh on a week-long camping trip. The charger packs a punch with its ability to charge a cell phone 6-8 times or a tablet 2.5 times. The four solar panels deliver impressive performance, though they demand direct sunlight.

Charging speed is notable with three USB outputs. We were able to charge multiple devices simultaneously. An iPhone reached 50% in just 30 minutes. It’s handy for outdoor adventures with its built-in flashlight and hook for easy attachment to a backpack.

However, it’s not all roses. The plastic shell feels a bit fragile. Dropping it on a hard surface might be risky. Solar charging, while effective, is slow, so patience is required.


  • High capacity
  • Fast charging
  • Multiple ports


  • Fragile outer shell
  • Slow solar charging in low sunlight

High Capacity Battery

We recently took the Hiluckey Solar Charger on a weekend camping trip and were impressed with its high capacity battery. With 25000mAh, it provided us with enough power to keep multiple smartphones and a tablet charged over several days. This was particularly useful when there were no power outlets available.

That said, the charger is a bit bulky due to its four solar panels, which might make it less convenient for those looking to save on space. The significant capacity, though, is a fair trade-off for the added weight. We appreciated the reassurance of not running out of battery power during our outdoor adventure.

In summary, the high capacity of this power bank makes it ideal for extended use. It’s an excellent choice for those who need reliable, long-lasting power on the go.

Efficient Solar Charging

We noticed that the Hiluckey Solar Charger performs remarkably well under direct sunlight. Its four foldable solar panels make it efficient in capturing solar energy, which translates to quicker charging times. In our experience, placing it in optimal sunlight conditions can significantly reduce the time needed to recharge the 25000mAh battery.

It’s particularly impressive because even on somewhat cloudy days, the panels still managed to gather enough energy to provide a modest charge. We found this feature extremely valuable during outdoor activities where power outlets are rare.

On the downside, though, it does require consistent, strong sunlight to charge efficiently, which might be a limitation in less sunny regions. Nonetheless, the fast charging capability and multiple USB outputs make this portable charger a reliable companion for those on the go.

Fast Charging Capability

We were impressed by the fast charging capability of the Hiluckey Solar Charger. In our experience, it charged an iPhone to 50% within 30 minutes. This makes it extremely convenient for quick top-ups during our outdoor adventures.

The charger includes one USB-C port and two USB-A ports, so we could charge multiple devices simultaneously. This is particularly useful when we needed to keep both our smartphones and tablets powered up.

The only drawback is that you need a PD fast charger to fully recharge the solar power bank in about 8 hours, and it’s not included. Overall, the fast charging feature is a significant advantage for those who are often on the go.

Outdoor Accessibility

We took Hiluckey’s solar charger on a recent camping trip and found it to be highly practical for outdoor accessibility. The 4 solar panels are efficient when placed directly under the sun. It’s handy for emergencies due to its built-in flashlight, although it lacks a hook to hang on a backpack, which some may find inconvenient.

Patience is required for solar charging; it’s not fast, but it works as a supplementary source. For regular use, charging it via USB is much quicker. The portability and rugged build hold up well against outdoor conditions, though care is needed to avoid drops, as it’s not made from high-impact plastic. This power bank is dependable for keeping devices charged during adventures.

Pros and Cons


Using the power bank, we’ve come to appreciate its high capacity. It can charge a smartphone fully multiple times before running out of juice. This makes it an excellent companion for long trips or outdoor activities.

The fast charging capability is another benefit. It handles multiple devices simultaneously, which adds convenience when we need to power up our gadgets quickly. The USB C port is effective not only for charging devices but also for recharging the power bank itself.

Solar panels are a noteworthy addition. Though the solar charging isn’t rapid, it works effectively when there is ample sunlight. During an outdoor venture, it saved us when traditional power sources were inaccessible.

Finally, the built-in flashlight provides added utility, especially in emergency situations. It’s compact and easy to carry, fitting comfortably in a backpack.


Despite its advantages, a few points are worth mentioning that we didn’t find so impressive. The solar charging speed is quite slow. It requires substantial time and optimal conditions to gain a full charge, so relying solely on solar might not be practical for everyone.

The build quality leaves something to be desired. The plastic casing doesn’t seem particularly sturdy. We had concerns about its durability, especially regarding its potential to withstand drops or impacts.

There was also a slight issue with the hanging mechanism. The loop design needs additional modification to be genuinely functional for hanging on a backpack. This could pose an inconvenience for users who expected an included hook for easy attachment.

Lastly, the charging indicator for solar power can be misleading. It doesn’t always clearly reflect the charging status, which makes it difficult to know exactly how much charge the device is gaining from the sun.

Customer Reviews

From our experience and user feedback, the Hiluckey Solar Charger has received mixed reviews. Users are generally impressed with its large 25000mAh capacity, allowing multiple phone charges. The fast USB-C charging is particularly praised for its efficiency.

However, the solar charging feature has been described as slow and somewhat unreliable. We noticed it works best in direct, consistent sunlight but can struggle in less optimal conditions. Some reviews highlighted disappointment in the product’s durability, suggesting it might not withstand rough handling.

Many users appreciated the convenience of having multiple USB outputs, making it suitable for various devices, although the plastic outer shell raised some concerns about long-term durability.

The product’s overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars suggests a generally positive reception, but it’s worth considering these potential drawbacks before making a purchase.

Durability and Design

We found the Hiluckey Solar Charger to have a sturdy build, despite its all-plastic outer shell. The foldable design is quite practical, making it easy to store when not in use. The four solar panels are well-protected and seem to be wired and sealed properly. While the plastic casing could potentially suffer from high-impact drops, the overall construction feels solid for everyday use.

The bright orange color makes it easy to locate, which is useful during outdoor activities. The absence of a dedicated hook is a slight inconvenience, but the loop is versatile enough to improvise a hanging option. Its compact size and relatively light weight make it a convenient travel companion.


After thorough use, we found the Hiluckey Solar Charger to be a convenient device for outdoor adventures. Its large battery capacity supports multiple charges, efficiently powering our smartphones and tablets. The solar panels do take time to charge, so it’s more of an emergency feature rather than a primary charging method.

We appreciated the build quality, though the plastic shell might not survive a harsh drop. It’s unfortunate there’s no built-in hook for easy hanging. Despite some limitations, it remains a reliable companion for those who need off-grid power. We recommend it for its robust battery and portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger perform in real-world conditions?

In our experience, the Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger holds up well during outdoor adventures. The charging speed via solar is as expected—it’s not lightning fast but can keep your devices from dying when you’re off the grid. Direct sunlight helps for optimum performance, and we noticed it struggled a bit on cloudy days, which is typical for solar chargers. Keep in mind that treating the solar feature as a supplement to traditional charging methods will bring the best results.

What are the differences between the Hiluckey Solar Charger models 25000mAh, 26800mAh, and 27000mAh?

The main differences lie in battery capacity and minor changes in form factor and weight. The 25000mAh model offers ample charge, suitable for several recharge cycles for most devices. The 26800mAh and 27000mAh models offer slight increases in capacity, beneficial for those needing an extra boost on longer trips. From our perspective, choosing between them comes down to how much additional power you foresee needing and if the slight increase in weight is worth it for your specific requirements.

Are there any notable advantages or disadvantages of using the Hiluckey Solar Charger for backpacking?


  • High capacity lets you go multiple days without needing a recharge.
  • The unit is portable and foldable, making it easy to attach to a backpack.
  • Built-in flashlight can be handy in emergencies.


  • The solar charging rate is slow, especially in less than ideal weather conditions.
  • The plastic build, while lightweight, feels like it might not withstand severe impacts.

How do users rate the durability and reliability of the Hiluckey 6W Solar Charger?

Most users have noted that the device performs reliably as a power bank. Durability, however, received mixed reviews. While many appreciated its consistent performance, some mentioned concerns about the material quality, indicating it might not survive harsh drops. Consistent protection and mindful usage are necessary to ensure longevity.

Can the Hiluckey 6W Solar Charger effectively charge multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, it can. With three USB outputs, we found it quite convenient to charge multiple devices at once. Charging speed diminishes slightly when multiple devices are connected, but it’s a trade-off for the versatility of keeping several gadgets powered. For optimal charging, ensuring sufficient initial charge in the power bank helps manage this multi-charging feature better.

What should one look out for in terms of maintenance and care for the Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger?

A few key tips for maintenance:

  • Keep it Clean: Dust and dirt can reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. Regularly wiping them down ensures maximum sunlight absorption.
  • Avoid Extreme Conditions: Extreme heat or cold can impact battery performance. Avoid leaving it in very hot places like car dashboards for extended periods.
  • Handle with Care: Despite its portability, it’s not built for heavy shocks. Using a protective case or handling it gently will prolong its lifespan.
  • Store Thoughtfully: When not in use, store the charger in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If storing for a long period, charging the battery to about 50% helps maintain battery health.

These practices ensure the Hiluckey Solar Charger remains a dependable companion on your travels.