Solar Powered Security Camera: Cutting-Edge Surveillance Solutions

Security has always been a critical concern for homeowners and businesses alike. With advancements in technology, the market is now offering more sustainable solutions like solar-powered security cameras. These devices not only provide an eco-friendly way to monitor properties but also reduce the dependency on traditional power sources, making them an increasingly popular choice.

Solar-powered security cameras, as the name implies, derive their energy from sunlight, eliminating the need for wiring and facilitating installation in remote or difficult-to-wire areas. They combine the functionalities of a security camera with the benefits of solar energy, providing a continuous surveillance solution that is both sustainable and cost-efficient.

When purchasing a solar-powered security camera, key factors to consider include battery life, solar panel efficiency, weather resistance, and storage options. Battery life ensures the camera operates through the night and cloudy days, while solar panel efficiency determines how quickly the camera charges. Weather resistance is crucial for outdoor use, and storage options, whether local or cloud-based, dictate how footage is saved and accessed. We tested various models to pinpoint the ones that effectively balance these important features.

Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

Below is our full list of the best solar powered security cameras. We’ve compiled these options to help you find the perfect solution for keeping your property secure.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar | Weather-Resistant Outdoor Camera, Live View, Color Night Vision, Two-way Talk, Motion alerts, Works with Alexa | White
  • See, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or select Echo device with Stick Up Cam Solar, a solar-powered camera that brings peace of mind rain or shine. Includes privacy features, such as customizable privacy zones and audio privacy, to focus only on what's relevant to you.
  • With Live View, you can check in on your home any time through the Ring app.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

This solar-powered camera offers reliable and versatile home security with convenient features.


  • 24/7 solar power means no battery worries
  • High-quality two-way audio communication
  • Easy integration with Alexa for added convenience


  • Requires a subscription for full video recording features
  • Occasional Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Setting up the solar panel can be tricky

We recently tested the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar and found it to be a solid addition to our home security setup. The most appealing part is the continuous power supply through the solar panel, which ensures that we don’t have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries. The two-way audio feature is excellent; it allowed us to communicate with visitors directly from our phone without any hassle.

Connecting the camera to our Ring app was straightforward, and the integration with Alexa provided extra peace of mind. We could simply ask Alexa to show us the camera feed, which made checking in so much easier. We also appreciated the customizable privacy zones which helped us focus the camera on the most important areas.

Despite these positives, there were a few drawbacks. Without a Ring Protect Plan, the camera’s ability to store recordings is limited. We also encountered some occasional Wi-Fi connectivity issues, requiring us to restart the device to get it back online. Setting up the solar panel required a bit more effort than we anticipated, especially finding an optimal spot with sufficient sunlight.

Overall, the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar proves to be an efficient and seamless option for those who want to bolster their home security without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Allweviee Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K 3MP Pan Tilt 355° View IP65 Waterproof Rechargeable Battery Powered PTZ WiFi Camera with PIR, Color Night Vision,2-Way Talk,Cloud/SD
  • Solar Powerd and Full 355° Coverage: The solar security camera has a high capacity battery and is fully charged through the solar panel or USB cable, to achieve a 100% wireless and uninterrupted power supply. Never need to disassemble the camera to charge, At the same time, the APP can control the horizontal 355° and vertical 90° rotation angles, and easily cover the 355° field of view. It can bring you 365 days of uninterrupted protection,and ensure your home's safety.
  • 2K 3MP and ColorNight Vision: The wireless outdoor camera uses the most advanced 1/3CMOS color sensor and advanced 2K 3MP optical lens. Provides detailed and clear graphics and video even in low light conditions, while the upgraded high-power white light and built-in infrared LED array can help you capture colorful pictures and videos at night with a night vision range of 7-10 Meters, and can capture more things in the dark, can see any corner you want to monitor, let you sleep peacefully.
  • IP65 Waterproof and Enhanced WiFi Antenna: The wireless outdoor security WiFi camera is made of enhanced IP65 material, which can be used safely regardless of rain, sunlight, high temperature, and severe cold. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-gain 4dbi WiFi antenna and 2.4G WiFI transmission, which can receive your data in a wider range. The network signal has good wall penetration, and strong anti-interference ability, and realizes the security protection for the whole year.

Allweviee Solar Security Camera

This camera provides reliable, continuous security coverage for your home with a blend of essential features.


  • Reliable solar-powered and wireless operation
  • High-resolution 2K 3MP video quality
  • Durable construction and weather-resistant


  • Initial setup may be time-consuming
  • Occasional Wi-Fi connectivity hiccups
  • Requires separate purchase of micro SD card

The Allweviee Solar Security Camera stands out with its efficient solar-powered operation, eliminating the need for frequent recharges. The camera’s high-resolution 2K 3MP video quality delivers crisp and clear images, even at night, thanks to its advanced night vision capabilities. We found the 355-degree panoramic view to be extremely useful for comprehensive monitoring of large outdoor areas.

Its IP65 waterproof rating ensures it holds up well against harsh weather conditions, making it a dependable choice year-round. The camera also impresses with its enhanced Wi-Fi signal strength, reducing interruptions. However, setting up the device initially might take some patience.

The two-way communication feature is handy for interacting with family members or issuing warnings to intruders. On the downside, occasionally the Wi-Fi connection can be a bit unstable, requiring some adjustments. Additionally, remember to purchase a micro SD card separately, as it’s not included. Despite these minor issues, the Allweviee Solar Security Camera remains a sturdy, high-performing option for ensuring your home’s security.

FOAOOD Solar Panel Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor - Battery Powered Cameras for Home Security WiFi Camera Surveillance Indoor System Floodlight Night Vison Alarm Motion Sensor Light Door Cam
  • 【Solar Powered Wireless Battery】Our solar cameras for home security eliminates the need for cables, making it easy to install and use. This wireless rechargeable battery camera can operate continuously as long as there is sunlight to provide the necessary electric power. Enjoy uninterrupted home security with our surveillance security cameras.
  • 【2K Resolution & Stay Away from Mosaic】This security cameras wireless outdoor Equipped with latest 2K resolution technology further enhances the camera's visual effect. Compared to a full screen mosaic, you are more likely to see clear videos from this outdoor security camera, giving you a different user experience. Whether it's observing small animals or finding invaders, it's easier. Nice security camera system.
  • 【PIR Motion Sensor & Real-time Alerts 】- Wireless security camera outdoor using the latest PIR sensor that can identify person, pet, vehicle, support set alarm plans. Once outdoor security camera detected the motion, a notification will be sent to your mobile APP and the video or image will be stored in the SD card(not included) or cloud storage. This will be a great security camera system for your family.

FOAOOD Solar Panel Security Camera

A solid choice for reliable home security with clear video and wireless convenience.


  • Continuous charging through solar power
  • High-resolution 2K video quality
  • Real-time motion alerts


  • Limited to sunny locations for consistent charging
  • SD card not included
  • Cloud storage free plan offers only 6 seconds of playback

We recently tried out the FOAOOD Solar Panel Security Camera and were immediately impressed by its solar-powered convenience. Installing it was a breeze since there were no cables to worry about. The continuous operation thanks to solar charging ensured that we didn’t have to manually recharge it.

The camera’s 2K resolution truly stands out. We noticed the difference when comparing it to older models that often delivered grainy footage. Whether it was monitoring activity at our front door or capturing the details of unexpected visitors, the clarity was notable. Even at night, the camera impressed us with its clear image quality, enhanced by the built-in spotlight and siren.

The built-in PIR motion sensor was particularly helpful. We received instant alerts on our mobile app, which provided peace of mind, especially when we were away. One aspect to consider, though, is its dependency on sunny weather for optimal performance. Additionally, for those who prefer local storage, an SD card needs to be purchased separately.

This camera’s multi-alarm functionality helped deter unwanted guests effectively. Overall, we found the FOAOOD Solar Panel Security Camera to be a robust, user-friendly solution suitable for various outdoor security needs.

IHOXTX Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor: Cameras for Home Security WiFi Camera with Solar Panel Battery Powered Surveillance System Kit Motion Sensor Alarm Floodlight Night Vision IP66 Waterproof
  • 【2K Resolution & Stay Away from Mosaic】Out surveillance & security cameras equipped with latest 2K resolution technology further enhances the camera's visual effect. Compared to a full screen mosaic, you are more likely to see clear videos from this camera, giving you a different user experience. Nice camera for home security.
  • 【IP66 Waterproof & Wide Applicability】- The wireless cameras for home security outdoor have waterproof and dustproof housing to ensure they keep working through any weather. One APP can add multiple cameras to control. You can equip this solar camera outdoor wireless together anywhere in your home. Such as indoor/outdoor, yard, garage, shop, and other places.
  • 【Camera that Emits an Alarm Sound】You can set the wireless camera outdoor to emit a harsh alarm sound to drive away intruders or unwanted small animals. The outdoor camera wireless can automatically emit a sound when triggering a motion alarm. You can also say what you want by manually pressing the microphone icon in the app. While letting the camera automatically sound an alarm, please be aware if it will affect your neighbors. Your home security system.

IHOXTX Solar Security Camera

A reliable solar-powered security camera that balances advanced features with ease of use.


  • Crystal-clear 2K resolution ensures you capture every detail.
  • Robust IP66 waterproof rating for outdoor durability.
  • Intelligent motion detection tailored to distinguish between humans, animals, or vehicles.


  • Requires a consistent 2.4Ghz WiFi connection; not compatible with 5G.
  • Initial setup may need an additional SD card purchase for local storage.
  • Alarm sound can be disruptive if not managed properly.

The IHOXTX Solar Security Camera impressed us with its exceptional 2K resolution, which offers a significant upgrade over standard cameras. Setting it up was relatively hassle-free, and the app integration allowed us to manage multiple cameras effortlessly.

Its IP66 waterproof design made it a perfect fit for various outdoor spots around our property, ensuring continuous operation regardless of weather conditions. The motion detection feature is particularly advanced, letting us customize alerts based on whether we want to detect people, animals, or vehicles.

We found some drawbacks, such as the need for a reliable 2.4Ghz WiFi connection and the absence of an included SD card for local storage. Additionally, while the alarm sound feature is useful, it requires careful adjustment to avoid disturbing neighbors. Overall, the camera’s performance and features make it a strong contender for enhancing home security.

Rebluum Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, 5MP Solar Camera Outdoor Wireless, Battery Powered 360°PTZ Camera,Color Night Vision,PIR Motion Detection,2-Way Audio,Compatible with Alexa
  • [5MP Ultra HD & 360°Pan Tilt Control] Rebluum security cameras wireless outdoor upgrade to 5 megapixel(2560*1920) resolution, provides more clear video than 2MP/3MP outdoor camera wireless. The solar camera outdoor wireless may be rotated horizontally up to 355 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. The activities can be monitored remotely via the "cloudedge" app, which provides nearly 360°coverage of your house.
  • [Solar Powered Security Camera & 100% Wire-Free] Rebluum outdoor security camera has a 9600mah battery built in to provide continuous power for battery camera with high conversion rate solar panel. When solar security cameras wireless outdoor is turned off, it will automatically switch on with saved power, reducing the solar camera's downtime for charging and making it simple to set up without the concern of messy wiring work.
  • [AI Powered Motion Detection & Smart APP Settings] Rebluum outdoor security camera wireless supports human motion detection which can reduce false alarms by up to 90%. Customize the motion area, set the montion sensitivity and make recording time plan to meet your diverse home security needs with the user-friendly app.We also offer paid features: pet/vehicle/package smart analytics.This PTZ camera is great for home and business security.

Rebluum 5MP Outdoor Security Camera

This camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their home security with minimal hassle.


  • Clear 5MP Ultra HD resolution
  • 360-degree coverage via Pan Tilt control
  • Solar-powered with built-in battery


  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Can be sensitive to harsh weather conditions
  • Paid features for advanced analytics

We found the Rebluum 5MP Outdoor Security Camera extremely user-friendly. Its 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities allow us to monitor virtually every angle around our home. The 5MP resolution ensures that all footage is crystal clear.

Furthermore, the camera is entirely solar-powered, which eliminates the need for constant recharging. This feature makes it a breeze to set up without the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. Using the “cloudedge” app, we could easily adjust settings and get notifications about movements detected around our property.

A minor drawback is its reliance on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, which may be a limitation for some users. Also, we noticed that extreme weather conditions can slightly affect its performance. Nonetheless, the availability of advanced paid analytics is a bonus, although the base model already offers plenty of features for comprehensive security coverage.

Overall, the Rebluum camera provides excellent value for enhancing our home security setup with high-quality video and flexible monitoring options.

VIZIUUY Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 3MP Pan Tilt 360°WiFi Camera with Color Night Vision/PIR Sensor/2-Way Audio/Alexa/Google Assistant
  • [Solar Powered & 100% Wire-free] VIZIUUY solar camera security outdoor has a large capacity battery built in to provide continuous power for security cameras wireless outdoor with high conversion rate solar panel. Further, when the solar security camera is turned off, it will automatically switch on with saved power, thereby reducing downtime for charging
  • [2K Full HD & 360 Degree Coverage] The solar security cameras wireless outdoor is equipped with 3mp(2048x1536) resolution, which is 1.5 times more than a 1080p security camera. Also, the ptz camera can be rotated horizontally up to 355 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. All the area can be monitored remotely through the "Cloudedge"app for 360-degree coverage of a particular region, making it ideal for home and business security
  • [AI Powered Human Motion Detection & Customizable Motion Area] VIZIUUY solar security camera supports human motion detection and can reduce false alarms by up to 90%. Customize the motion area and scheduled alert plan to meet your diverse home security needs and give you peace of mind. We also offer paid features: pet/vehicle/package smart analytics

VIZIUUY Solar Security Camera

This solar-powered security camera offers excellent features for reliable outdoor surveillance and minimal maintenance.


  • Continuous power with solar energy
  • 360-degree coverage for complete surveillance
  • Customizable motion detection to reduce false alarms


  • Requires strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Limited to 128GB local storage
  • Subscription needed for advanced analytics

Using the VIZIUUY Solar Security Camera, we appreciated its ability to run constantly without needing frequent recharging, thanks to the robust solar panel. This ensures that our security system remains reliable even in areas with frequent power outages.

The camera’s 2K resolution and 360-degree field of view allowed us to monitor larger spaces without blind spots. It captures crisp and clear footage, which is essential for identifying details in security events.

Customization settings on the Cloudedge app made managing motion alerts seamless. We could define specific motion zones and schedules, reducing unnecessary notifications. This makes the VIZIUUY camera a practical choice for busy households and businesses that need tailored security.

Overall, the combination of solar power, high-definition video, and smart features makes the VIZIUUY Solar Security Camera a worthy investment for anyone looking to bolster their outdoor security setup.

AOSU Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K QHD Home Security System, 4 Cameras Kit with 166° Ultra-Wide View, Forever Power, Spotlight Camera, 32G Local Storage, No Monthly Fee
  • 【No Monthly Fees】Homebase with 32GB local storage provides 2 months of loop recordings on 4 cameras. Enjoy full access to all features without hidden costs. Opting for cloud storage incurs extra charges but is not mandatory. Plus, benefit from the secure, encrypted data and reliable connectivity offered by the Homebase.
  • 【Enhance Home Security】 Effortlessly monitor up to 4 live streams on your smartphone, anytime and anywhere, with AOSU's SolarCam Pro System. Benefit from AI-powered cross-camera tracking for intuitive and seamless playback.
  • 【Forever Solar-Powered】The AOSU Solar Wireless Security Camera System ensures 365 days of self-sustaining operation with just 2 hours of direct sunlight per day. Installation is simplified with a flexible solar panel and built-in rechargeable battery.

AOSU Solar Security Camera

This AOSU Solar Security Camera system offers great value and dependable performance with sufficient flexibility for various home security needs.


  • Continuous power supply via solar energy
  • Wide-angle view coverage of 166°
  • Clear 2K image quality


  • Initial setup complexity
  • Reliance on sunlight for optimal performance
  • Occasional sensitivity of motion detection

We’ve been testing the AOSU Solar Security Camera in different weather conditions for several weeks. Its solar-powered design means we don’t have to worry about changing batteries, and that’s a huge time-saver. The 166° wide-angle lens covers a broad area, minimizing blind spots around our property.

The installation process is fairly straightforward, thanks to the completely wireless setup. However, it took us some time to get all four cameras positioned just right. The video quality is impressive, with crisp 2K resolution ensuring that even at night, the built-in spotlight enhances visibility.

One aspect we found less favorable was the sensitivity of the motion detection system. While it’s excellent at catching movement, we did receive a few alerts triggered by minor, non-threatening events. Despite this, the AOSU camera system offers robust security without the recurring costs, given its 32GB local storage capability.

Buying Guide

Choosing a solar-powered security camera involves examining several key features. We need to consider performance, durability, and ease of installation.


  1. Resolution: Look for HD video quality, typically 1080p or higher.
  2. Night Vision: Ensure it has clear night vision capabilities.
  3. Storage: Check if it offers cloud storage, local storage, or both.


  1. Weatherproofing: It must be rated for outdoor use, typically with an IP65 or higher rating.
  2. Construction Materials: Sturdy materials such as metal or high-grade plastic are preferable.

Ease of Installation

  1. Mounting Options: Verify if it comes with versatile mounting hardware.
  2. Setup Process: Look for systems with straightforward instructions and minimal tools required.

Battery Life

  1. Solar Panel Efficiency: The effectiveness of the solar panel is crucial. Check the panel wattage and quality.
  2. Battery Capacity: Larger capacity means longer operational periods during cloudy days.


  1. Wi-Fi Compatibility: Ensure it supports your home Wi-Fi network.
  2. Mobile App: A good mobile app can enhance user experience, offering live feeds and alerts.

Additional Features

  1. Motion Detection: An essential feature for security, detecting and recording activity.
  2. Two-Way Audio: This allows us to communicate with visitors or scare off intruders.

By focusing on these criteria, we can select the most suitable solar-powered security camera for our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar powered security cameras offer a sustainable and flexible solution for monitoring properties. Address queries related to their functionality, benefits, connectivity, and key considerations for installation.

How do solar powered security cameras function at night?

These cameras store excess energy generated during the day in built-in batteries. At night, they utilize this stored energy to continue operating, ensuring 24/7 monitoring.

What are the key benefits and disadvantages of solar powered security cameras?

The primary benefits include reduced electricity costs and easy installation without complex wiring. A drawback is their dependency on sunlight, which can affect performance in areas with limited sunlight exposure.

Do solar powered security cameras require an internet connection to operate?

Many solar powered security cameras can operate independently, using internal storage to record video. However, an internet connection is necessary for remote access and real-time notifications.

Can solar powered security cameras operate effectively without a subscription service?

Yes, they can. While subscription services offer additional features like cloud storage and advanced analytics, basic functionalities such as live view and local storage typically do not require a subscription.

What considerations should be made when choosing an outdoor solar powered security camera?

Key factors include the camera’s resolution, battery capacity, weatherproof rating, and the amount of sunlight the installation area receives. Ensure the camera aligns with your specific security needs.

How do solar powered security cameras with SIM cards differ from those with Wi-Fi connectivity?

Systems with SIM cards can function in remote locations without Wi-Fi, using cellular data for connectivity. Wi-Fi models rely on an existing network, offering potentially faster and more reliable video streaming in areas with strong wireless signals.