Gryphon AX Mesh WiFi 6 Router Review: Top Security Pick?

Are you looking for a reliable and fast WiFi solution that covers your entire home? We recently put the Gryphon AX to the test, and it’s a strong contender in the market.

Our experience with this WiFi 6 router was quite positive. The Gryphon AX offers excellent coverage and speeds across multiple devices, which is perfect for busy households. Its advanced parental controls and security features are easy to manage, making it a great choice for families.

Gryphon AX – Ultra-Fast Mesh WiFi 6 Parental Control Router – Advanced Content Filters and Next-Gen Firewall - 4.3 Gbps Across 3,000 sq. ft. per Router for Multi-Device Households
  • PROTECT YOUR CONNECTED HOME – Experience safe, reliable Internet for your family or small business with Gryphon AX—the all-in-one Mesh WiFi 6 Router, engineered to deliver fast, efficient coverage, enhanced security, and advanced parental controls without any data bottlenecks
  • ADVANCED PARENTAL CONTROLS – Create a safe Internet experience for young users with your WiFi mesh system’s active content monitoring, app and website blocking, individualized time limits, and comprehensive insights so you can better monitor your kids’ screen time (4)
  • POWERFUL MESH WIFI 6 – AX4300 technology provides impressive coverage and lightning-fast speeds, no matter how many users and connected devices are added to your network, as simultaneous tri-band radios and 4x4 MU-MIMO deliver up to 3,000 sq. ft. of coverage off a single Gryphon mesh router (1) (2)

Gryphon AX

We appreciated the simplicity of the setup process through the Gryphon Connect app. Some users noted that the app offers a balanced mix of flexibility and ease of use for parental controls, which is something we found quite effective. Despite a few minor setup issues, we found Gryphon’s customer support to be responsive and helpful.

Bottom Line

If you need a reliable WiFi 6 router with robust parental controls and security features, the Gryphon AX is worth considering.

Its impressive coverage and user-friendly app make it a strong option for families. Click here to purchase the Gryphon AX and upgrade your home network today!

Overview of Gryphon AX – A Mesh WiFi 6 Router for the Family

This router offers robust coverage and high-speed connectivity. With WiFi 6 and tri-band technology, it handles multiple devices well across large homes. The Gryphon AX provides up to 3,000 sq. ft. per unit, which is ideal for families with heavy internet usage.

Its setup is user-friendly, and the Gryphon Connect app simplifies network management. We appreciate the advanced parental controls, making it easy to set screen time limits and block inappropriate content. On the downside, some users found occasional coverage gaps in larger homes.

Security features include malware protection and intrusion detection. This ensures a safer internet experience for all connected devices. Overall, it’s a reliable choice for families needing fast, secure, and easily manageable WiFi.

Experience Tailored Internet with Advanced Parental Controls

We were impressed with how the Gryphon AX router customizes internet settings for each family member. The parental controls are robust, offering features like active content monitoring and app blocking. Setting individualized time limits is straightforward and helps manage screen time effectively.

On the flip side, configuring these settings can sometimes be a bit tricky and may require occasional tech support. Despite this, the controls provide a strong balance between flexibility and ease of use, making it easier to protect our young users from inappropriate content. Overall, the parental controls on the Gryphon AX router offer a powerful tool for managing our internet experience safely.

Unlocking Full Potential with Mesh WiFi 6 Technology

Our experience with the Gryphon AX router highlights its ability to handle multiple devices with ease. The Mesh WiFi 6 technology ensures consistent and robust coverage throughout our home. Streaming, gaming, and large downloads occur without interruptions, thanks to its efficient data management.

One benefit is the easy setup through the Gryphon Connect app, allowing us to customize our network effortlessly. The app provides real-time insights, making adjustments simple. We did notice, though, that the signal can wane in larger homes without additional units, impacting far-reaching connectivity slightly.

Despite this, the security features remain a high point, with the next-gen firewall offering peace of mind. The combination of advanced parental controls and straightforward management makes it ideal for families. The Gryphon AX is reliable, delivering both speed and security in our multi-device household.

Next-Generation Firewall for Ultimate Protection

We’ve seen a substantial improvement in our network’s security with the next-generation firewall on the Gryphon AX. This router offers modern malware and ransomware protection, something essential for any multi-device household. The 24/7 intelligent intrusion detection effectively guards against hackers, providing peace of mind.

One feature we really appreciate is the automatic protection from phishing scams. It’s reassuring to know that Gryphon AX actively works to prevent malicious attacks. While some users might find the initial setup of security features a bit time-consuming, it’s worth the effort for the comprehensive protection it offers. Overall, Gryphon AX stands out with its relentless approach to safeguarding all connected devices.

Ease of Setup and Control Through Gryphon Connect App

Using the Gryphon Connect app, setting up this router was straightforward. We found the step-by-step instructions intuitive, allowing us to connect and configure the device quickly. The app’s interface is user-friendly, making it simple to manage network settings and monitor connected devices.

One feature we appreciated was the ability to set up parental controls effortlessly. Whether adjusting content filters or setting time limits, the app made it easy to customize settings for each child. However, we did encounter a few instances where advanced configurations required additional support.

In summary, the Gryphon Connect app provides a good balance between basic and advanced controls, making it an effective tool for managing our home network.

Pros and Cons


One of the standout positives we’ve found with this router is its extensive coverage. It seamlessly blankets large areas without dropping connections, making it ideal for households with multiple devices. The speed provided by the WiFi 6 technology is more than adequate, ensuring smooth streaming and gaming experiences.

Security features are top-notch. The next-generation firewall offers reliable protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts. The parental controls are another significant advantage, providing detailed monitoring and individualized settings for each user. This functionality has greatly enhanced our peace of mind, knowing our family’s online environment is secure.

Setup is straightforward, thanks to the Gryphon Connect app. The app’s intuitive design ensures managing the network, device access, and parental controls is hassle-free. We also appreciate the robust customer support, always responsive and helpful.


While there are many pros, there are a few areas where the product could improve. The initial cost is relatively high, which may not be justifiable for everyone, particularly for households with simpler networking needs. Additionally, while the Gryphon Connect app is generally user-friendly, navigating through some advanced settings can be a bit confusing at first.

Another downside is the occasional performance dip when multiple high-bandwidth activities occur simultaneously. This isn’t frequent but worth mentioning. Lastly, some might find the need for multiple units to cover larger homes a bit of an investment, albeit necessary for maintaining optimal performance.

A Glimpse into User Experiences: Customer Reviews

Users have shared a range of experiences with the Gryphon AX. Many were impressed by the improved network coverage and performance, especially in larger households. The setup process is described as straightforward, with excellent tech support available when needed.

Families with children found the parental controls to be a major advantage. It allows for easy setup of screen times, content restrictions, and bedtimes. This feature seems to balance flexibility and ease of use effectively.

On the downside, some users experienced issues with older Gryphon models and didn’t notice significant improvements with additional mesh units. Despite this, overall feedback about the Gryphon AX’s performance and security features remains quite positive. We appreciate the proactive customer service that has been noted by several users, addressing concerns promptly and effectively.


The Gryphon AX delivers reliable coverage and performance with an easy setup process. We found the network stable even in large spaces, and the parental controls are intuitive and effective. Despite some minor issues like occasional tech support needs, the WiFi 6 speed enhancement is noticeable, making it a solid choice for families needing robust internet security and control features. For those of us looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to manage multiple devices, it stands out as a well-rounded option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Gryphon AX Mesh WiFi 6 Router’s performance compare to other routers in its class?

We found that the Gryphon AX Router boasts impressive speeds and extensive coverage. It delivers up to 4.3 Gbps, which is fairly competitive within its price range. Not only does it perform well in multi-device households, but the advanced safety features add another layer of value that many similar routers lack.

Can the Gryphon AX Mesh system be expanded with additional units for larger homes?

Yes, additional Gryphon AX units can be added to expand the network. This modularity ensures that even larger homes or spaces with challenging layouts receive adequate coverage. It’s worth noting that each router covers around 3,000 sq. ft., so adding more units can significantly boost coverage.

What are the parental control features available in the Gryphon router, and how do they function?

The Gryphon router provides extensive parental controls including:

  • Active content monitoring
  • App and website blocking
  • Customizable time limits for internet usage
  • Detailed activity insights

We found these features to be user-friendly and highly effective in managing screen time and protecting younger users from inappropriate content.

How does the installation process for the Gryphon AX Mesh WiFi 6 Router work?

The installation process is straightforward. The Gryphon Connect app guides you through every step, making it simple even if you’re not tech-savvy. During our trial, we found that setting up and managing the network through the app was both intuitive and efficient.

Are there any additional costs, such as subscriptions, associated with the Gryphon router’s advanced features?

There are some advanced features that require a subscription. These include enhanced security protocols and more detailed parental control options. While the basic version covers most needs, opting into the subscription could be beneficial for those seeking comprehensive protection and control.

What network speeds and coverage can be expected when using the Gryphon AX Mesh WiFi 6 Router?

With the Gryphon AX, we experienced robust speeds reaching up to 4.3 Gbps. Coverage was reliable across a 3,000 sq. ft. area per unit. This performance should comfortably support multiple devices, making it a suitable choice for modern homes with numerous connected gadgets.